Hagley Parochial Church Council

Hagley Parochial Church Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 28th January 2019 at 7.30pm at St. Saviour’s

Present: Revd Richard Newton, Barbara Albert, Sue Priest, Chris Spencer, Gwen Shaw, Mollie McPherson, Iain Wright, Nan Watts, Margaret Rankin, Gill Higgins, Margaret Henderson, John Gowar, Elizabeth Benjamin, Ambrose Benjamin.

  1. Opening Prayers: The Rector opened the meeting with prayers.
  2. Apologies:  Wendy Pettit , Eva Corlett, Ann Roberts, Malcolm Roberts, Judy Day, Gill Richards, Sheila Pilla, Jo Marsh, Paul Evans.
  3. Minutes of meeting held on 29th November 2018: These were approved and signed.
  4. Matters arising from the Minutes:
  1. Disclosure and Barring: Letter received from the diocese re ‘Serious Incidents – reporting’ passed to Chris for review.
  2. Defibrillator: Councillor Steve Colella suggested that we apply to the New Homes Bonus Scheme to fund the purchase, and also for Wi-Fi installation. He will give further information to Derek; however this would be for money available in 2021, and it was felt that this was too long to wait. The fabric committee will investigate the costs of the defibrillator and also the installation of Wi-Fi.
  3. Processional Cross:  The cross as discussed at the last meeting, is lightweight – 1.5kg and cost £412 each. We have had several offers of donations in memory of loved ones –from Nan W, Jean P, Gill H, Rosemary M, and also from the local Masonic group. As a result the PCC agreed in principle to purchase a cross for each church, although as the PCC are uncertain as to the quality / suitability of the cross, one will be ordered initially on a ‘sale or return’ basis.
  4. Foodbanks:  We will continue to raise awareness that donating money instead of goods would be appreciated by the Foodbank – a note will be put in the pew sheet.
  5. Christmas Fayre: Richard spoke about the matter of a new organiser at a morning service, and a notice has been put in the Pewsheet, resulting in several offers of help, but no one has come forward to volunteer as organiser. Richard will continue to ask for the next few weeks but a final decision on the future of the Fayre will be made at the Churchwardens’ Meeting at the end of February.
  1. Intinction:   This was a follow up of the article circulated at the last meeting. It was noted that taking of one of the elements is considered to be taking full communion, as there may be health reasons for not drinking from the cup.  A possible solution is to use real bread, as on previous occasions when we have used bread people have been content not to intinct. Richard will try this for a few months to see how this goes.
  2.  Finance: a) Treasurer’s Report:   See report attached. Iain suggested a final payment for the Parish Share of £8700, which is the amount that, when paid, will result in a break even position for the year’s accounts. This would result in a shortfall in what the Diocese is asking us for Parish Share for 2018.  This was proposed by Gwen and seconded by Mollie. The PCC unanimously agreed this final payment.

Richard has received a letter from John Preston (Diocesan Secretary) concerning the Parish Share. Iain responded by requesting a meeting – Richard and representatives from the Finance Committee will attend.

We will ,as a parish, examine where our costs are incurred, and to this end an analysis of costs of heating, lighting and printing will be undertaken to give more details.

Gift Aid: The use of white envelopes will be introduced immediately at both churches to make the most of the Gift Aid scheme as we are close to the annual allowance of £8000.

Contactless Card Giving: dependent on Wi-Fi – still under investigation.

The Talent Scheme will be held this year – a possible alternative to the Christmas Fayre as a fundraiser.

  1. Church Fabric:  St Saviour’s: The water meter will not be moved as it would incur a cost of £421.

St John’s: Wayne Jones and Richard Scarth looked at the tower access – a rope rail down the centre column would be the most cost effective solution.  As it is a health and safety issue it may not require a faculty – to be clarified with the D.A.C. Secretary.

Due for the Quinquennial Inspection report for 2019, which is expected to incur costs of 3-4K

  1.  Churchwardens Items:  Nothing else to report
  2. Brief Group Reports:
  1. Archives:  Nothing to report
  2. Bell Ringers and Handbell ringers:  The Handbells need to be stored in a secured box for insurance purposes. Derek is looking in to this, and it is hoped that ‘The Friends of St John’ will cover the cost.
  3. Church Hall:  Nothing else to report
  4. Friends of St John’s:  The focus this year will be on the celebration of their 40 years anniversary.
  5. HADAC: The recent coffee morning for The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity was very well supported.
  6. HADAC Christian Aid: The quiz will be held on 9th February at The Free Church.
  7. Hagley – Wollaston Link: Nothing to report
  8. Messy Church and Sunday Club:  Extra helpers are required for Sunday Club. Approx 15 – 16 children come to Messy Church, Kirsty has taken over presenting the Bible story from Jayne.
  9. Music Festival Steering Group: Flyers will be printed in February.
  10.  Social Events and Publicity: Jo is researching the costs involved in a coach trip in May/June.
  1. Events and Services:
  1. Hagley Open Evening:  The Traidcraft Stall was well supported.
  2. Ex Cathedra : Excellent event, well supported – approx £1300 profit.
  3. Christmas 2018: Congregation numbers similar to previous years – carol services well supported.
  4. Twelfth Night:  Well organised, and well supported.
  5. Lent:  Lent Course- David Tennant and Richard have decided on ‘The Mystery of God’ – free material which can be downloaded from the internet. Richard will use his Priest’s Expenses to purchase booklets from The Church of England around the Beatitudes, giving a daily reflection on Bible readings.
  1. Correspondence: Nothing to report.
  2. Electoral Roll:  Stands at 228. With 146 within the Parish, and 82 living outside the Parish. A new electoral is required this year.
  3. A.O.B:  a) Help is required with the breakfast for Cafe Church on 3rd March – Chris Spencer volunteered.

 b) Richard is currently compiling the figures of attendance for last year. The average attendance for a normal service has reduced from 82 previous year, to 79 last year.  11 weddings, 35 Baptisms and 22 funerals were held last year.

The meeting closed with Grace.

The next PCC meeting will be held on Thursday 21st March 2019 at St Saviour's.




Chairman:R Newton                                Date:21-3-2019