Hagley Parochial Church Council

Hagley Parochial Church Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 22 July 2019 at 7.30pm in The Wychbury Room.

Present: Richard Newton, Sue Priest, Iain Wright, Margaret Henderson, Malcolm Roberts, Ambrose Benjamin, Elizabeth Benjamin, Barbara Albert, Chris Spencer, Judy Day, Gwen Shaw, John Gowar, Margaret Rankin, Eva Corlett.

1. Opening Prayers: Richard opened the meeting with prayers remembering that it was Mary Magdalene’s Day, the day on which Richard was licenced here in Hagley 23 years ago.

2. Apologies:  Wendy Pettit, Mollie McPherson, Gill Richards, Paul Evans.

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 23 May 2019: These were approved and signed.

4. Matters arising from the minutes:

a) Disclosure and Barring: Parish Safeguarding Handbook- One copy in Tony’s office at St Saviour’s and one on the notice board at St John’s. We are due to review our policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders (required every 3 years). The PCC unanimously accepted the policy for the next three years. Dates are now available for training courses this autumn.

b) Christmas Fayre:  Gwen spoke on behalf of the Churchwardens to propose that the Fayre was cancelled for this year. The Talents Scheme Market is due to be held the on the day after the Fayre, Richard Scarth’s wife is ill, and by having a break this year it would draw a line under previous events and be a fresh start. The PCC unanimously agreed to cancel this year, and have booked the date of 21st November for 2020.

c) Intinction: Richard will produce an information sheet on the issue and he will write about it in his Parish Letter  in ‘Contact’. It is noted that Intinction is against the policy of The Church of England.

d) Newly Elected members, co-options and the Parish Directory:  New copy received; there are some amendments to be made for 2019 – 2020

e) Ministry to Older people: The PCC felt that there was no need for further training on Dementia Awareness / ministry to older people.

5.  Church Wardens’ items:  Suggested a review of Evening services due to the reducing numbers in the congregation in the evenings and the approach of the darker evenings in winter - just having evening services for Festivals. The joint services with the Free Church don’t seem to work well, but we could try sharing the Common Prayer Book Evensong with Clent in the summer months.  It was decided not to have an evening Harvest festival service in 2020. The PCC unanimously accepted Draft 1 Plan of Services for 2020. We have been asked if the PCC would apply to become an ‘Animal Friendly Church’. There is a list of criteria that the parish would have to adopt. The PCC felt that the information was useful for us to be aware of; however the proposal was unanimously defeated by the PCC. We aim to be an ‘Animal welcoming’ parish. Gwen Shaw advised us of her wish to resign as Churchwarden at the end of this year. Comments were made that the Churchwarden Team work very well together. Malcolm Roberts volunteered to write up the Banns Book and Registers, taking over from Jo Marsh who is very ill.

 6. Finance

a) 2018 Accounts: The PCC unanimously accepted the accounts (on 22 July 2019) which have been audited by the independent examiner.

b) Treasurers Report: Please see attached reports – there is a small loss so far this year.

c) 2019 Talents Challenge:  Harvest lunch – volunteers will make soup and puddings and a charge will be made going towards the Talents Challenge.

d) Other matters from the Finance committee:  Nothing else to report

7. Fabric:

 A plan is in hand for ‘Safe Tower Access’. The Lych Gate was damaged by a car, repairs are in hand. The defibrillator is set up in St Saviour’s and Ambrose brought the one for St John’s in to show the PCC. There will be a training course on Monday 16th September at St Saviour’s for those wishing to know how to use it. The Churchwardens will check that the green light is on which shows that the batteries are charged. The Zumba group who use the church hall raised a considerable sum towards the one in St Saviour’s, and Tony Battersby is raising funds through his interest in fishing towards the one in St John’s.

8. Brief Group Reports:

a) Bellringers:  Nothing to report

b) Christian Aid: The local group have raised over £200,000 since 1980.

c) Deanery Synod: Nothing to report from the last meeting.

d) Friends of St John’s: This year is the 40th Anniversary of ‘The Friends’ who have raised over £320,000 during that time for repairs to the church. There will be a special talk on 31st July: coffee, cakes and talk by Tim Bridges, Hereford Diocese Church Buildings Officer. There will be a celebration dinner at Hagley Hall in November.

e) Messy Church and Sunday Club: Messy Church has now finished for the summer and will be relaunched in October.

f) Music Festival and Music for Sanctuary Concerts: Planning is on going for the Festival in 2021. The concerts are going well; approx 20 people went to the most recent concert.

g) Social Events and Publicity Group: The Hagley/Clent cricket match is the next event. More volunteers are needed to join the group.

9: Events and Services:

a) Viva Musica Concert: This was a lovely evening with beautiful music which raised just over £1000. Proceeds were donated to church funds with £250 split between Diabetes UK and Mary Stevens Hospice. They plan to do another concert next year, and look to participate in the Music Festival 2021.

b)  Patronal Festival and Music Night:  A fun evening attended by about 40 people.

c) Cricket Match / Songs of Praise:  to be held on 25th August. Preparations are in hand, organised by Kate and Derek Aldridge. The theme for the evening Songs of Praise is ‘Moon Landings’ as it is the 50th Anniversary of the moon landings.

d) Harvest Festival: The morning service will be held on 22 September at St Saviour’s followed by soup and pudding lunch – see previous note 6 c.

e) Ex Cathedra:  10th December 2019.

10. Correspondence: None

11. Electoral Roll: See attached report, now 129. 105 living in the parish and 24 outside the parish.

12: Any Other Business:

Richard will meet with David Tennant to consider study groups in the autumn.

Richard will look in to a Quiet Day at Holland House as previous ones have been well received.

It was suggested that we discontinue the ‘Hagley - Wollaston link’ as both Jo Marsh (Hagley) and Nick (Wollaston) are ill. It has been going for 25 years, but felt that we now have closer links with Clent and the Holy Cross Group.

13. Future Meetings:  November 21st is now Thursday 14th November.

The meeting closed with grace.

The next PCC meeting to be held on Wednesday 25th September 2019 at The Wychbury Room

Chairman: Richard Newton (Rector)                                                                 September 2019