Hagley PCC - Minutes of Last PCC Meeting

Hagley Parochial Church Council



Hagley Parochial Church Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 14th May 2020 at 7.30pm on Zoom.

Present:  Richard Newton, Sue Priest, Chris Spencer, Gwen Shaw, Mollie McPherson, Iain Wright, Margaret Henderson, Elizabeth Benjamin, Ambrose Benjamin, Malcolm Roberts, Paul Evans, Barbara Albert, Wendy Pettit, Judy Day, John Gowar, Margaret Rankin.

  1. Opening Prayers: The Rector opened the meeting with prayers reflecting the difficult situation that we find ourselves in due to the Coronavirus.
  2. Apologies:  Gill Richards.
  3. Minutes of meeting held on 18th March 2020: These were approved and signed.
  4. Matters arising from the Minutes:
  1. Disclosure and Barring: It was unanimously agreed that the PCC, on behalf of the Parish of St John’s with St Saviour’s, Hagley is committed to fully accept and implement the Policy Statement of the Church of England – ‘Promoting a Safer Church’ as the policy statement for this Parish. The document confirming this has been signed by Barbara Albert (Churchwarden) and Richard Newton (Rector) and submitted to the Diocese. We continue to use the Parish Dashboard App, part of the Safeguarding Toolkit 2020. Chris Spencer continues as Parish Safeguarding Officer.
  2. Volunteers: We still require a Churchwarden to replace Gwen and an Editor for Contact magazine. Judy has received offers of help but no one has volunteered to take on the role of Churchwarden.
  3. Contact Magazine: The April edition was printed but not distributed on advice from the Police. A couple of articles have been posted on the website. There are approximately 170 subscribers, of which 100 do not attend church. Richard has sent out 110 letters to subscribers advising that we will continue to publish the magazine when we are able to distribute paper copies and adjust the subscription rates accordingly. Richard will edit the magazine when the situation is back to normal, until the end of the year, if a new Editor is not found.
  4. Cashless collections: Of the two companies recommended by the Diocese, ‘SumUp’ seems to be the most appropriate for our needs. Malcolm will register with Parish Buying service for more information and we look to purchase when we are ready to open for services.
  1. Life as it is at the moment:
  1. The latest regulations: The church buildings are closed. Both St John’s and St Saviour’s are regularly checked. All is in accordance with our insurance guidelines. The PCC agreed that it is not safe or secure to open the church for private prayer at the present time. The Institute of British Organ Builders recommends that the organ is played to prevent it seizing up – Paul to monitor.
  2. Keeping in contact with others: Richard, the Churchwardens and the Pastoral Committee have identified those who don’t have access to a computer and a Pewsheet and Service sheet is delivered, safely and hygienically. Phone calls are being made to check on wellbeing and to maintain a much-needed connection - the feedback is that these calls are much appreciated by the recipients and are rewarding to do. A lot of care and concern is being shown throughout the church community during these difficult times.
  3. Services on Zoom: So far there have been 8 services with a high of 127 devices logged on, reaching 200 people on Easter Day. Mollie would like to thank Richard for the service focussing on Christian Aid. Richard will take up the suggestion to offer the opportunity to light a candle at the start of the service as a symbol of peace. Archdeacon Nikki joined us last Sunday and she was full of praise for the service. ‘Chat’ posts during the service will be discouraged as they are a distraction. Adding the option of virtually sharing Communion in the service was well received and Richard will do the same for the service for Pentecost.
  4. Life when we get to a ‘new normal’: Zoom services are appreciated and well supported, particularly by those who are unable for various reasons, to get to the church building. We will look at some form of streaming service or incorporating a Zoom service in to the Annual Plan of Services. PCC meetings via Zoom are working well and may be a good option for the future, particularly during the winter months. There is no indication when we will be able to hold the APCM.
  1. Finance:

a) Treasurer’s Report: As church services and events are cancelled for the foreseeable future the outlook for the finances has been reviewed, forecasting a loss, as although our expenses are reduced e.g. heating and lighting, our income from weddings, baptisms and concerts will be lost. There are some funds that are unrestricted and if required we can look at withdrawing from these. Steve Colella, our local councillor, has indicated that there may be a grant to cover lost income, that we could explore. The PCC are keen to maintain our payments to the Diocese for our Parish Share as previously agreed.

  1. Church Fabric: ‘SmartWater’ was completed before lockdown and so we are compliant. The Quinquennial Report is suspended at present. There has been some storm damage to the cedar tree at St Saviour’s but as yet we do not have any indication of costs.
  2. Churchwardens Items and The Articles of Enquiry / Visitation 2020: Richard had a meeting with the Churchwardens on Zoom. Barbara completed the forms for the Visitation and attended the Visitation with Nikki by telephone. Nikki was appreciative of the pastoral work being carried out and thoroughly enjoyed the Christian Aid service. She requested Barbara to pass on her thanks to Richard and the readers for the ‘community spirited’ service. The PCC would like to thank Barbara for taking the call and submitting the paperwork. 
  3. Electoral Roll:  Stands at 124.  100 within the Parish, 24 living outside the Parish.
  4.  Future meetings: The next meeting is on Zoom on 20 July 2020. The APCM is yet to be arranged.



The meeting closed with Grace.


The next PCC meeting will be held on Monday 20th July 2020 via Zoom.




Chairman.............................................................................    Date      20th July 2020