Hagley PCC - Minutes of Last PCC Meeting

Hagley Parochial Church Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 18th January 2021 at 7.30pm on Zoom.

Present:  Richard Newton, Sue Priest, Gwen Shaw, Iain Wright, Elizabeth Benjamin, Ambrose Benjamin, Malcolm Roberts, Paul Evans, Judy Day, John Gowar, Margaret Rankin, Kim Topham, Mollie McPherson, Chris Spencer, Becky Priest, Steve Evans.

  1. Opening Prayers: The Rector opened the meeting with prayers, welcoming new member Steve Evans.
  2. Apologies: Gill Richards, Eva Corlett, Barbara Albert.
  3. Minutes of meeting held on 25th November 2020: These were approved and signed.
  4. Matters arising from the Minutes:
  1. Safeguarding: Work continues on the Dashboard app. We are currently on level 3.
  2. Volunteers: We still need an Editor for ‘Contact’ magazine. Steve expressed an interest in volunteering as Churchwarden.
  3. Audio/Visual equipment: A decision is still on hold as we have been unable to try out our existing equipment at St Saviour’s due to Lockdown 3. At St John’s, the existing sound equipment has been serviced and due to its’ age, the replacement parts are unavailable. An upgrade of the amplifier and microphones is urgently required and a new console that can be operated from the front of the church. This is expected to cost approx. £1700 – we await a more detailed quote.
  1. Update on Private Prayer, Public Worship and Zoom: The Rector and the PCC of Hagley acting jointly authorise dispensing with the reading of Morning and Evening Prayer as required by Canon B11 and the Celebration of the Holy Communion on a regular basis as required by Canon B14 for the period of Lockdown 3. The PCC also support the decision to close the church buildings for private prayer. We will review this when the situation changes. We continue with Worship on Zoom at 10.30 am – which is very well supported.
  2. Festivals and Events:
  1. Christmas: Due to the increase in the Covid infection rate, the decision was made to not open for the viewing of the Crib on Christmas Eve. Fewer people than expected came to St John’s on Christmas Eve at 6pm, and only 15 were at St Saviour’s on Christmas morning – many cancelled their attendance during the week due to new restrictions announced by the Government. The Carol Service on Zoom, led by Kim and Rose was well supported and most enjoyable and also 35 people attended the online Christingle service which was especially enjoyed by families, and arranged by Kim.
  2. Lent: We will be holding a Lent Discussion Group on five Wednesday evenings on Zoom which will conclude with Compline. The Group will look at the Sunday Gospel reading for each week. Compline will be held online during Holy Week, as this was well received last year.
  3. Hagley Music Festival: The proposed dates are 7 – 22 May 2022. The artists are currently being contacted to see if they are able to make the new dates.
  1. Finance:
  1. Treasurer’s Report: Iain talked the PCC through the up-to-date report. There has been an increase in donations so the loss is not as great as first predicted, and some costs have reduced. We are on track for paying the Parish Share of £68,000, the same as last year. Ambrose confirmed that the Church Hall is happy to continue with the loan of £10,000. Iain suggested releasing some (approx. £15,000) of the investment funds held through the CCLA.
  2. Other matters from the Finance Committee: Money held in the safes at both churches will be passed to Richard Shaw to bank.
  1. Church Fabric and Church Hall: The Church Hall is closed currently due to Lockdown. One of the Church Hall windows is rotten and will be replaced with a plastic window to be paid for out of Church Hall funds. Steve Tyler has cleaned the gutters out at St John’s. St John’s is awaiting the fitting of the new lid and gauge for the oil tank and is also due for the PAT testing.
  2. Churchwardens Items: The Churchwardens continue to deliver the Pewsheet to church members who don’t have access to a computer, and also keep in touch by phone.
  3. Electoral Roll:  Stands at 124.  98 within the Parish, 26 living outside the Parish.
  4. Any Other Business: The PCC has received draft paperwork to officially create the benefice of Hagley and Clent. This has now become urgent as due to the Deanery reorganisation, if not completed, would result in Hagley and Clent being in different Deaneries. The PCC unanimously approved the changes.

Letters of thanks have been received from SARA, Discover U and Music for Sanctuary for the donations of £1000 each as part of 2020 Outreach giving.

We have been contacted by Mary Stevens Hospice about having a clothing bank on the carpark at St Saviour’s. It would be blue and 1.25m x 1.5m x 1.9m in size. A decision on this has been deferred as it is expected that one will be placed in the Village carpark.

We have received details of the Heritage Recovery Fund. This is a Government backed fund to help heritage sites recover from Lockdown. The minimum grant is £10,000 and needs to be spent during April – June 2021. Steve and the Churchwardens looked into the details and due to the tight time scale (bids need to be submitted by 26th January) it was decided that we would not apply.


The next meeting is on Thursday 25th March 7.30 pm on Zoom.




The meeting closed with Grace.







Chairman.............................................................................    Date      25th March 2021