Hagley PCC - Minutes of Last PCC Meeting

Hagley Parochial Church Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 25th November 2020 at 7.30pm on Zoom.

Present:  Richard Newton, Sue Priest, Gwen Shaw, Iain Wright, Elizabeth Benjamin, Ambrose Benjamin, Malcolm Roberts, Paul Evans, Barbara Albert, Judy Day, John Gowar, Margaret Rankin, Kim Topham, Mollie McPherson, Wendy Pettit, Chris Spencer, Becky Priest.

  1. Opening Prayers: The Rector opened the meeting with prayers, welcoming new member Becky Priest and returning member, Elizabeth.
  2. Apologies: Gill Richards, Eva Corlett.
  3. Minutes of meeting held on 17th September 2020: These were approved and signed.
  4. Matters arising from the Minutes:
  1. Disclosure and Barring: PCC agreed unanimously to use the Dashboard App for the next 12 months. Chris will email all members with the Safeguarding Action Plan. The PCC unanimously agreed to continue the Social Media Policy for the next 12 months. The PCC unanimously agreed the procedure of reporting any concerns and realises the importance of following the guidelines. The PCC approved the method of storage of confidential information by Chris and the Rector. Most Church Hall Hire agreements are now signed with the Safeguarding Addendum.
  2. Volunteers: We still need a Churchwarden to replace Gwen in April and also an Editor for ‘Contact’ magazine.
  3. Contact Magazine: The December edition has now been printed and is being delivered to subscribers.
  4. Cashless collections: The SumUp machine has been used to collect wedding fees at Saturday Office Hour. The machine is kept in the Parish Office.
  5. Kim’s Ordination: Kim’s Ordination, held on 26th September in Worcester Cathedral, went well under Covid-Secure conditions.
  6. Audio Visual Equipment: It is turning out to be more complex and costly than initially thought. We will try some of the equipment that we have already to see how it performs and hopefully give us an indication of the way forward. There were mixed opinions in the PCC – we are not ready to make a decision yet 
  1. Matters following the AGM: Groups continue as they are until the next AGM. There are 2 vacancies for 3 years and one vacancy until 2022. Margaret Rankin – Contact Magazine representative, was unanimously co-opted to the PCC.
  2. Update on Private Prayer, Public Worship and Zoom: We await the detailed guidance from the Church of England following on from the Government’s recent announcement for the end of Lockdown 2. If we are able to hold services then the PCC agreed with the previous plan: said Holy Communion at 9.30 am and Zoom at 11 am. St John’s will open for Private Prayer on 12th and 19th December under organised and safe conditions.
  3. Hagley/Clent Admin: Since the Pastoral reorganisation, Hagley and Clent work closely together, although the Belbroughton office do Clent’s admin work. With the imminent reorganisation of the Deaneries (only Clent and Hagley from the Holy Cross Group will be in the Greater Dudley Deanery) Clent PCC would like their admin work to be done by the Hagley Parish Office after Easter 2021. Sue is happy with this arrangement. The two Treasurers will agree on the amount Clent pay towards the Administrator’s salary.
  4. Festivals and Events:
  1. Harvest Festival: The Harvest Service was on Zoom and information provided so that people could donate to the Foodbank or Mary Stevens Hospice via online rather than bring gifts in to church.
  2. All Souls Service: St Saviour’s was open on Sunday 1st November 2.00 – 4.00 pm. Names of those who have died in the past year were put on the Altar. 32 people came to light candles and it was well received.
  3. Remembrance Sunday: The service was held on Zoom due to Lockdown restrictions.
  4. Christmas: Details of the services are in Contact and the Village News. Christmas Eve – St Saviour’s will be open 2-4 pm to view the Crib. Christmas Communion will be at St John’s at 6pm. Christmas Day – Holy Communion will be at St Saviour’s at 9.30 am followed by Zoom at 11 am.


  1. Finance:
  1. Treasurer’s Report: Iain provided the PCC with an up to date report. There has been an increase in donations so the loss is not as great as first predicted. The PCC agreed to continue paying the Parish Share at the same rate as last year. Gwen will check to see if the Outreach donations have been sent for 2020 as previously agreed.  
  2. Other matters from the Finance Committee: The schedule of fees for 2021 has been received, and it is agreed that we will keep them the same as 2020.
  1. Church Fabric and Church Hall: The Quinquennial Report has been received from Wayne Jones. The fabric of both churches is in a good position with only minor works required. The Friends of St John’s will cover most of the costs that will be incurred at St John’s. Hall users will have to wait to see what tier we are in before restarting classes.
  2. Churchwardens Items: Barbara thanked the other 3 Church wardens for their work and support whilst she has been unwell. The dog fouling notices are in place at St John’s. The frequency of bin collections by AshWaste will be reduced to save costs. Bill is sorting out the new lid and gauge for the oil tank at St John’s – which is 70% full and should last the winter. Steve Tyler is due to clear the guttering at St John’s. Both churches are having issues with youths congregating in the porches. They leave litter and mess which is cleared by Derek and John.
  3. Gravestone applications: i) Pitt. The PCC agreed on the understanding that the book cannot be black. ii) Mifsud. The PCC agreed for a ceramic picture on the gravestone. iii) Scarth. The PCC agreed for Lesley’s ashes to be interred in a full size grave – as Richard wishes to be buried.
  4. Electoral Roll:  Stands at 124.  99 within the Parish, 25 living outside the Parish.
  5. Any Other Business: The PCC agreed unanimously for all future PCC meetings to be held on Zoom. The 2021 September meeting is changed to 29th September. The next meeting is on Monday 18th January 2021 on Zoom.




The meeting closed with Grace.






Chairman.............................................................................    Date      18th January 2021