Group Reports 2018-2019

Parochial Church Council Secretary’s Report

The 2018 – 2019 Parochial Church Council has the following elected members:

Reverend Richard Newton (Chair), Ambrose Benjamin, Ann Roberts, Nan Watts, Margaret Rankin, Margaret Henderson, Eva Corlett, Gill Richards, Joan Marsh, Malcolm Roberts, Sheila Pilla.

Co – opted until 2019: Iain Wright, Chris Spencer, Paul Evans, Sue Priest, Gill Higgins

Ex officio Members of the PCC:

Judy Day (Church Warden), Gwen Shaw (Church Warden), John Gowar (Church Warden), Barbara Albert (Church Warden), Iain Wright (Treasurer), Sue Priest (Secretary), Elizabeth Benjamin (Deanery Synod), Mollie McPherson (Deanery Synod), Wendy Pettit (Deanery Synod).

During the year there were six meetings, split between St. Saviour’s and The Wychbury Room. There was an excellent attendance at all meetings with many lively discussions. During the year the PCC has been pleased to receive detailed, informative reports from the Finance Committee and detailed reports from the Fabric Committee, with the fabric of our churches being well maintained and improved.  The PCC appreciate all the hard work and time that the members of all of the committees and groups put in.

As you can see from the following Group Reports, Hagley is a busy and friendly Parish with a wide variety of groups offering fellowship and activities enjoyed by parishioners and visitors throughout the year.  The PCC is keen to support these groups, and encourage involvement in our Parish. As a PCC we are committed to Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. The PCC is aware of its duty to have due regard to House of Bishops’ guidance on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. In 2019 the PCC will be using the ‘Safeguarding Toolkit’ provided in the diocese as a way of self-assessment to seek to ensure it fulfils that duty.

Many thanks to the retiring PCC members: Ambrose Benjamin, Ann Roberts, Nan Watts.

                                                                                                                                                                Sue Priest - Secretary

                Electoral Roll Report for the year ended 31st December 2018

As at the 31st December 2018 the number on the ER was 228 of which 146 lived in the Parish and 82 outside the Parish.

A new ER is currently being collated in accordance with Church of England 6 year reviews and will take effect from the AGM in April.

                                                                                                                 Tony - Electoral Roll Officer

Safeguarding Report

More attention is being focussed on safeguarding in parishes and in order for us to be compliant I have been involved in the trial of the new safeguarding Dashboard app. The app looks more deeply into the safeguarding requirements for our parish and is proving to be very user friendly. It also creates an action plan which can be shared easily and allow the Diocese safeguarding team to report on the level of compliance. At the time of writing I feel that this will be a useful tool for our parish to adopt.

As a parish we continue running a monthly "Messy Church" session for children with their parents/carers as well as Sunday club twice a month. We are now required to carry out Risk Assessments for these activities in order to be fully compliant with safeguarding policy.

All PCC members must be aware of safeguarding policies and training by referring to the Diocesan website. Training dates will displayed in church.

                                                                                                                              Chris Spencer

St John’s Churchwardens Report

To take on the roll as wardens responsible for St John's is both a privilege and challenge. We are indebted to Eva Corlett for the support and encouragement she has given us, founded on her 10 years experience as former church warden.  We are also grateful for the help and support given by wardens responsible for St Saviour's, Barbara Albert and John Gowar. The four of us work as a team for the Parish.

During the year we suffered the loss of our dear friend Margaret Bruton who died in November.  When we listed the jobs she did so expertly over many years it became apparent it would take lots of help to continue her many tasks.  A big thank you to Gill Richards, Gill Higgins and Ernie Nash who led the way.

Help and support is also given by many experienced members of the congregation which is very much appreciated as we try to uphold the traditions of the Parish.
Tony Battersby continues to take care of all the notice areas and as Administrator of the Parish is always ready to help and mediate with all callers to the Parish Office.

We continue the Open Door policy enabling the public to make use of the church for quiet time, prayer, light a candle or simply look around.  Thank you Derek Aldridge, Bill Green and Hagley Hall who day in, day out open or close the church.

A warm welcome of thanks to new worshippers who are contributing to the smooth running of services as servers, readers, side-persons and intercessors. Holy Communion at 10.30am and Parish Family Communion are well attended with the support of teams of coffee/tea makers providing welcome and friendship.  We continue to celebrate 8am Holy Communion fortnightly, morning prayer and some evening services.

Baptisms are very happy occasions and the church is often full. Thank you Joyce Inverarity who faithfully helps in their smooth running. Weddings too are happy occasions enabling us to welcome all involved. Jo Marsh continues to write up banns and registers immaculately. Funerals are carried out with care and dignity. 

Remembrance Sunday was attended by around 400 people and we had the honour of especially remembering 100 years of the end of World War 1 and those who died in all Wars. Richard Scarth and the British Legion put their hearts and souls into bringing about a very moving day.  Thanks also to all those who contributed to catering for all guests in the cricket pavilion.

Christmas was a joyous time with long standing traditions being honoured. Ex Cathedra also made their annual visit, efficiently organised by Barbara Albert, and was as well received as ever.

Throughout the year we enjoy lovely music with a dedicated organist and choirmaster
In Paul Evans, a hard working choir and not to forget the contribution by Cynthia Downes and orchestra.  Twelfth Night was a joyous occasion with contributions from musicians, story tellers, handbells, a quiz and caterers.

The Fabric of the church is in good condition.  During the year we were given a beautiful grand piano, bequeathed by David Wadhams. The refurbished lych gate is looking good with the lettering much clearer.  The Friends of St John's continue their support and 2019 is their fortieth anniversary.  We owe our gratitude for all the contributions and support given by past and present members.  A programme of Coffee Mornings will continue with thanks to Tony Battersby and Theo Mayfield.

Tom Pagett continues to work hard with the archive group and has produced another booklet on St John's "Notes on the Building, the Fixtures and Fittings and the People".

How lucky we are to have a dedicated team of bell ringers led by Richard Scarth and the handbell ringers who sound better each time we hear them.

  A strong way to support our church is to become a member of the PCC.  This is where your voice is heard and decisions made. We are expertly guided on finance by Iain Wright our Treasurer and served well by our secretary Sue Priest. Various committees submit reports, each one vital to decisions on how to go forward.
    So all in all a good year of team work and at the head we are blessed with a devoted priest in Rector Richard Newton who not only has the responsibility of our Parish but also Clent and works with other members of our group of churches.  He heads our church and encourages collaboration with the Free Church, especially during Advent and Lent together with supporting joint Christian Aid events as well as our liaison with St James, Wollaston.
We thank him for his dedication and for the assistance given by David Blackburn, Michael Willows, Jayne Mottershead and Linda Kitto.

Thank you all for your devotion and may our Lord continue to bless us.

                                                                                Yours in Christ

                                                                                  Gwen Shaw and Judy Day


Contact Magazine

Contact, your Parish magazine,  is published ten times a year and contains interesting articles and news from  within the church together with service times. Articles are always most appreciated preferably sent be email and must be sent in on time. The deadline is the 10th of each month at noon and earlier submission is appreciated so that the booklet can be laid out in the best possible way. Copy goes to the printers on the 10th, I am afraid late submissions will not be included.

Our small committee meet to plan the content and the distribution and we are always most grateful to those kind volunteers of who deliver the magazine in all weathers. It would be good to have more people willing to take the magazine , 60pence if you collect from church and only £5 per year delivered to your door. We can also arrange, at an additional cost, to send copies by post.


There is a fine line between making a small profit or a loss so please consider trying the magazine, you might find you enjoy it.

It would be appreciated if , when the new copy becomes available, to have Richard promote it in church. Perhaps there are visitors or new members of the congregation who have not read it. I believe wedding and baptism families are sometimes given a complimentary copy.


                                                                                                                   Toni Allison – Editor

Traidcraft the Final Chapter

Some of you will by now have heard the sad news that the national Traidcraft organisation is consulting on closing down its operations on December 31st, however certain products do seem to be available on the internet. The reasons are complex, but sales have been falling for some time and the situation has been aggravated by the low value of the pound…suppliers are paid in dollars. In addition, fairly-traded goods are now much more widely available than they used to be in supermarkets.

In the UK, the news is the saddest for all the central staff who are based in Gateshead, most of whom will be made redundant. Around the world, it is saddest for the many suppliers who have sold their goods through Traidcraft and must now find new outlets. They will be supported by the charity arm of Traidcraft – Traidcraft Exchange – which is to continue. Traidcraft Exchange helps producers set up and develop their businesses and to market their goods. We intend that any remaining funds, once all the stock is sold off, should go to the Traidcraft Exchange to help with this. 

For us in HAGLEY it also marks an end. For many years we have been selling Traidcraft goods as a means to support third-world farmers and craft people with the dignity of fair prices and better working conditions. We will not be able to continue  beyond the end of the year.

As a Fair Trade Church, we have helped to pioneer the idea of providing work with dignity to countless individuals in the Third World, and every year upwards of £2,000 of goods have passed through our doors. We would like to thank the congregation for your unstinting support for and commitment to Traidcraft and international justice.

In the Parable of the Sower Jesus talks of the good ground yielding a hundred times more than was sown. The ground has indeed been good. We have so much to give thanks for.

                                                                                                                                                                    Mollie and Ian McPherson

Seagate Backup Plus Drive:Dropbox:St Johns:St Johns Bellringers and Logos:hagley-tower-bellringers black and red.jpg

Our ringing band continues to meet every Wednesday evening. Most weeks 6 to 8 ringers are in attendance. We record the names of all ringers who attend. We follow the diocesan and parish policies on Safeguarding. We have 3 ringers under 18 years of age and one 10 year-old novice who joined in Feb. 2019.

In all we have 13 service ringers and manage to get a band together for almost every morning service at St. John’s, although we continue to have to import ringers for at weddings at St. John’s due to ringers’ holidays.

The church and local community are regularly informed about our activities with articles being published in Contact and the Hagley Village News. In all, thirteen articles have been published since March 2018.

100 year Remembrance Day Commemoration on 11th Nov 2018, found, with visitors, over 30 ringing in St. John’s Tower in 3 sessions through the day.

The new bell ropes dedicated by the Rector, with 8 ringers in attendance for February’s Family Communion Service, with be fitted when the warmer weather arrives in the spring. We are most grateful to the Friends of St. John’s for providing the funds.

One issue the Fabric Committee is considering is how to manage the risk of access and egress of the spiral stair- case to the ringing chamber. The architect is preparing a report to the DAC.   

We are always keen to recruit new ringers and add extra tuition to the normal practice night so they can more quickly pick up safe rope handling techniques.

                                                                                                                                                            Richard Scarth                                                                                                                                           07768 273545                                                                                                                                        

Hagley and District Christian Aid Committee

Christian Aid week took place from Sunday 13 May to Saturday 19 May 2018.

The commissioning service was held at Hagley Free Church. A Big Breakie was held at Hagley Free Church which raised £382. 

In the ‘house to house’ collection a total of £3,265 was collected from across the HADAC area.

The February quiz night and bring and share supper at Hagley Free Church raised £479.

In response to Christian Aid’s Harvest Appeal Hagley PCC and Hagley Free Church each sent £1000. In addition members of St John’s and St Saviour’s raised £2,083. Support from the EU means that each £1 becomes £5.

A big ‘thank you’ to all of you who support this work with your time and donations.


                                                                  Mollie McPherson, Barbara Albert and Kathy Francis

Church Hall – Year ending 31st Dec 2018

          The Hall has had another active year and continues to be a valuable asset, widely used by the church, by community groups and individual hirers. Bookings have been at a good level.  We are indebted to our housekeeping team of people who keep it functioning on a daily basis, and to our professional cleaners who look after it each week.  We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jane Cartwright who works tirelessly taking bookings, producing Booking calendars and sending out invoices.

          Major repairs and maintenance this year totalled £8,180, whilst last year this item was £1,586. Despite which we were able to show a small profit of £307 for 2018.    

In 2018 we had 576 hall lettings, similar to 2017 (580).  This netted an income of £14,702, a slight increase from £14,038 in 2017.  Partially due to some increase in charges for 2018.

However, although we had maintained profits for the previous four years, we were aware that in 2018 we needed to carry out some major works on both the floor (£3,780), and Tarmacing (£4,400) of the main entrance driveway, it was anticipated that the cost of the floor & Tarmacing work would wipe out any profit we made in 2018, but in the end we were able to show a small profit of £307 as mentioned above. 

So, we cannot stress enough that with costs spiralling, we still need to set aside approximately £2,000 - £2,500 per annum to allow for future large maintenance items, some of which are still on hold awaiting adequate funding, or will eventually be needed e.g. Roof repairs; heater replacements, floor treatment etc.  We must all realise that our hall is now well over 40 years old, and some of the fabric & fittings are coming to the end of their natural lives, also VAT at 20%, and a general price increases continue to raise our running costs

David Pettit – Treasurer

St. Saviour`s Churchwardens` report 2018/19

It has been a busy and interesting year at St.Saviour`s Church. We welcomed John Gowar as Churchwarden and he has proved to be very committed and dedicated to the role. Barbara and John work well together along with Gwen and Judy from St.John`s. We cover for each other during holiday periods and other occasions to carry out all the necessary church duties. It is so workable now that we are a team of 4. It is the beginning of that `seamless transition` that we alluded to last year.

It has been a sad year in many ways, especially the deep loss of Margaret Bruton. She had dedicated many years of service to St.John`s (and St.Saviour`s when required).

We are grateful to other members of our congregations who have volunteered to cover the very many tasks that Margaret quietly and tirelessly performed over so many years. It is wonderful to know that people are so willing to work in our Church community to contribute to the smooth running of our churches to support our Rector, Richard.

There have been other losses that will never be covered in quite the same way – namely our Church Architect, David Mills and David Wadhams who will be sorely missed especially at this year`s Hagley Music Festival. Both churches have benefited from David Wadhams generous gift of a magnificent grand piano which he bequeathed to St.John`s, and in turn St.Saviour`s received the smaller grand piano from St,John`s. The gift continued to keep giving as St. Saviour`s then donated the upright piano to Blakedown and we understand they are delighted to receive it.

Both our churches were in need of `light-weight` Processional Crosses and thanks to the generous gift by Rosemary, David Mills` widow, the PCC  has purchased a cross which has been dedicated in his memory for use in St.Saviour`s.  Another cross has also been purchased through generous donations from Jean Pardoe and Nan Watts in memory of their late husbands. This will be dedicated at a later date for use in St.John`s.

Many members of our church community have, this year, suffered from ill-health and have been missed in our congregations. Grateful thanks go to our Pastoral Team who have unstintingly supported them and their families.

Our love and prayers are there for them all, and in particular for Jayne Mottershead as she, and Richard, bravely confront her illness. Jayne is sorely missed at Messy Church and at the numerous services she usually leads. We pray that she will be back with us soon.

At this point we must thank Linda Kitto who has covered for Jayne at Café Church and at Morning and Evening Praise. It has been good to get to know her and have her in our midst. Thanks, also, to those who have nobly stood in for Jayne to keep Messy Church going.

There are also many groups and individuals who support the smooth running of our church, without whom we could not function so effectively.

We had a wonderful occasion in November, when three candidates were confirmed by Bishop Michael Hooper. He was inspirational and we were all blessed by his presence.

Our services are, in the main, well attended especially the morning services, the occasional joint service with Clent and special days in the church calendar. The  10am Thursday Holy Communion service is also well attended with an average of 20 communicants.(The regular coffee slot after this service is a popular social event too). The evening services are not so popular but are attended by the faithful few – please join us if you are able.

It has been a busy year with a number of maintenance improvements, fundraising activities and social events, all of which need to be planned, organised and delivered. In addition there are the numerous, regular. and varied activities and tasks so vital to the efficient organisation of our church. Grateful thanks to all those who give so freely of their time.

  Special mention must be made to:

  • those who support our young people through Sunday Club
  • Messy Church
  • Paul Evans, our organist and Choirmaster
  • The Choir
  • Handbell Ringers
  • Our teams of coffee makers, following our morning services
  • Sidesmen and women
  • Flowers by Gill
  • Those who read at services
  • Tony Battersby in the Parish Office
  • Key holders
  • Those who contribute to and distribute CONTACT- with  special mention to Toni Allison who has been Editor for so many years.

Our Parish Share could not be paid in full this last year as it had substantially increased. Prestigious events such as the Music Festival and Ex Cathedra, regular GIVING and other fund raising activities are financially significant in our endeavour to pay our `dues`(as far as we can!) and care for our beautiful churches.

We are blessed with priests, David and Michael, in our church community and give sincere thanks to them for leading our services when Richard is unavailable.

Many thanks to all for putting the Votive Candle Tables and Prayer Boards to good use – and a welcome focus for those who make silent and meditative contemplations.

Thanks go to all of you for helping make our Christian community so vibrant and forward looking.

Finally very special thanks to Richard, our hardworking and dedicated priest, who, supported by Kathy, devotes his time and energy to support us all on our Christian journey.


Yours in Faith     

Barbara Albert 

John Gowar