Friends of St. John's

The Friends of St. John’s 12th Night Quiz 6th January 2019

1.            Where was Bradley’s bakery?

2.             Name the closed pubs in Hagley and their locations.

3.            Where was “Petticoat Row” in Hagley?

4.            What is the direct connection between Hagley and the board game “Monopoly”

5.            Where did the scouts go to learn to swim in Hagley?

6.            What year did Hagley win the “The Best Kept Village (class 3”) award?

7.            There is a memorial by the Hagley roundabout dedicated to the Grazebrook family. What date is on the plaque?

8.            What was the name of the hotel opposite the former cattle market? The

cattle market was in Market Way.

9.            How many posts are there on the traffic roundabout in Hagley that have traffic and pedestrian lights mounted on them?

10.         What year did the Wychbury Room adjacent St. John’s open?

11.         What year were the bells installed in St.John’s tower?

12.         St. John’s church-yard has a grave of a pilot killed in the Gulf War. What job did his father do in Hagley?

13.         Bella in the Wych Elm. What is the name of the closest road to the former site of the tree?

14.         How many names are listed on the Hagley War Memorial?

15.         How many copies of the Hagley Village New are circulated every month?

16.         There are three former police stations in Hagley, now used as residences. What are the current house numbers for the former police stations located in:-

1.            Bromsgrove Rd.

2.            Kidderminster Rd.

3.            Worcester Rd.

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Friends of St. John's
Answers to 6th Jan 2019 Quiz