Hagley Parochial Church Council

Documents from the PCC AGM 2020 held on Thursday 19th November on Zoom



Parochial Church Council Secretary’s Report

I write this report at a time of great uncertainty. The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that our Government has stopped inessential travel and prevented meetings and gatherings from taking place, in a bid to stem the spread of the virus. Some of our PCC members have had to self-isolate as they are considered, for health reasons, to be vulnerable. Therefore, the final PCC meeting of 2019-2020 has been conducted on ‘Zoom’, a technology new to most of us, but with Iain’s help, proved to be most successful. The PCC have followed guidance from the Church of England and closed the churches’ doors to protect all.

The year’s other meetings have been split between St. Saviour’s and The Wychbury Room, with excellent attendance and many lively discussions. During the year, the PCC has been pleased to receive comprehensive and informative reports from the Finance Committee and from the Fabric Committee, showing our churches to be well maintained and improved. The PCC appreciate all the hard work and time that members of all committees and groups put in to the continued care of our churches.

As you can see from the following group reports, Hagley is a busy and friendly Parish, with a wide variety of groups offering fellowship and activities, which are enjoyed by parishioners and visitors throughout the year. The PCC is keen to support these groups, and encourage involvement in all areas of our Parish. As a PCC we are committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. The PCC is aware of its duty to have due regard to House of Bishops’ guidance on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. In 2019 and 2020, the PCC used the ‘Safeguarding Toolkit’ provided in the diocese as a way of self-assessment to ensure fulfilment of its duty.

Due to these exceptional circumstances, there will not be an APCM this April and so it has been agreed that all members will continue as at present. However, there are three people who I would like to mention as they retire from their roles this month. The PCC wish to thank Gwen Shaw for her dedicated service as she retires after 4 years as Churchwarden of St John’s. She has given of her time so willingly and always has such a welcoming smile. Toni Allison, editor of ‘Contact’ magazine for the past 20 years, has edited her last edition this month. We appreciate the considerable time and dedication that Toni has put in to producing our church magazine. We are currently looking for a volunteer to take over as Editor. Finally, the PCC would like to thank our Parish Administrator Tony Battersby, as he too retires, for his 10 years’ service to the Parish. He has established a friendly and efficient hub of our church community and his skills will be missed. The PCC extends their best wishes to all.

                                                                                                                                                            Sue Priest - PCC Secretary



Electoral Roll Report for the year ended 31st December 2019

As at the 31st December 2019 the number on the ER was 124 of which 100 lived in the Parish and 24 outside the Parish.                               

                                                                                                                             Tony - Electoral Roll Officer




Safeguarding Report 2019 - 2020


At the present time we are progressing well with the Dashboard app. We have some actions regarding hire agreements for non-Church activities pending. This cannot proceed at present due to the corona virus outbreak. As safeguarding officer, I have not processed any new DBS applications and existing volunteers or other are up to date.

Most PCC members have completed C0 training online. There remains a couple of older or unwell members who need to complete this. This will be undertaken when I can assist them when this crisis is over.

Our Sacristan Margaret Norris has just updated her C3 training in March 2020. I continue to share feedback from PSO network meetings at PCC meetings and inform the parish of any changes that need to be made. This will inform our Parish action plan.


                                                                                                    Chris Spencer – Parish Safeguarding Officer




St John’s Churchwardens Report 2019 - 2020

"During this past year the wardens’ role has been equally challenging and joyful. We have been saddened by the loss of regular worshippers who became ill for short or long term. We continue to remember them in our prayers and where possible to visit. Our Rector Richard was quite ill for some time and we give thanks for his recovery and to all those clergy and lay officers who were so ready to help at short notice.

You will see from recent pew sheets there are many jobs to be undertaken and your continued support is most welcome.  The PCC were happy to confirm Margaret Norris as Sacrosanct for the Parish, Graham Perkins as Planned Giving officer and Gill Richards will be responsible for flowers at St John's as well as giving continued support to wardens.  Bill and Jenny Green also give great support to wardens to ensure the smooth running of services and Bill also takes responsibility for heating, looking after church yard and keeps close eye on Fabric and maintenance liaising with wardens.  Tony Battersby is retiring as Parish Administrator after managing our admin so brilliantly for many years and being a strong backbone which we all relied on in the Parish.  We are very fortunate in having Sue Priest appointed as our new Parish Administrator and wish her well.

We continue with an open door policy so that anyone can visit, light a candle or have quiet time in our lovely church with thanks to Bill Green, Derek Aldridge and Hagley Hall enabling this to happen.

We continue to be well supported at 10.30am Holy Communion service with low numbers at the fortnightly said communion service at 8am but it is an essential meaningful service for some who cannot manage the fuller service.  Many still enjoy Morning Prayer usually taken by Linda Kitto but it is unfortunate that this takes place as same time as a Service at St Saviour's.   

Baptisms are still in demand and well supported with high numbers in congregation and it is so nice to see family and friends enjoying the occasion.  Our thanks to Joyce Inverarity who faithfully helps on these occasions.

Weddings are fewer in number but a church wedding means a lot to those who come to us and we do our best to make it a day to remember with God's blessing. Our thanks to Malcolm Roberts for taking on the writing of banns and registers in place of Jo Marsh who became too ill to continue.  Our thanks to Jo for her dedication of service together with our prayers. 
We also carry out funerals in a dignified manner extending faith and hope to the bereaved and personalising the service by Richard or other Priest visiting families at home.

We are fortunate at St John's with a church that lends great ambience for concerts and over the past year we had Ex Cathedra, Haybridge School Christmas concert, Viva Musica and Music for Sanctuary concerts.  We are also blessed to enjoy Cynthia Downes and orchestra at some of our services.  Our music director and Choirmaster Paul Evans continues to play some wonderful music for us and does a great job with our choir and we thank those faithful members of the choir who continue to support him.  We are also blessed with having organist Michael Jones to play at services and other occasions. Twelfth Night was once again a great success with lovely music and anecdotes with good food and wine to accompany them.  Well done once again to Tony Battersby and Richard Scarth for organising this.

May 2019 also saw the Hagley Music Festival take place with concerts held in different venues throughout the Parish, including St John's.
The fabric of St John's remains in good condition and for this we must give special thanks to Friends of St John's for their continued support.  The Friends celebrated 40 years since their foundation and this was marked in many ways culminating in a special dinner at Hagley Hall hosted by Lord and Lady Cobham and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  St John's coffee mornings have been supported and enjoyed with thanks to Tony Battersby and Theo Mayfield.
The annual cricket match and Songs of Praise was a most enjoyable event and the weather was kind this year. Thank you to all who helped organise a lovely afternoon tea.

Tom Paget continues to work on our archives helped by small keen group of members for which we are most grateful.
Richard Scarth continues with enthusiasm as bell captain despite the sad loss of his lovely wife Leslie in November. He has built a great team of ringers but will always accommodate more. Hand bell ringers meet regularly and have performed at various events. In place of the Friends Christmas Fayre the Talent Scheme initiative was launched. It proved very popular including members of all congregations. Christine Spencer continues to work hard as our Safeguarding Officer making sure we comply with current rules - this is no mean task, thank you.

We continue to work in harmony with our friends at Free Church and many enjoy the opportunity to study aspects of our faith by attending Advent and Lent groups lead by our Rector Richard Newton and David Tennant, Pastor from Free Church.  

Many thanks to our Rector Richard Newton as well as David Blackburn, Michael Willows, Linda Kitto and Kim Topham for all the love and help they give us.  Special prayers and blessings to Kim as she goes forward for ordination in July.

We would encourage anyone to serve on PCC as this is so important to the management and care of the Parish.

I would like to express her gratitude for the help and love shown during her four years as warden.  It was a privilege to serve." - Gwen

“Throughout the past 4 years Gwen has been a dedicated churchwarden to St. John’s and her stewardship has been a true labour of love. Her commitment has been selfless. Thank you, Gwen, for being such a good teacher (and friend) and for imparting your knowledge and understanding of the role so well, and for the example you have set in carrying it out so faithfully.
We must trust God will encourage someone to come forward to replace you. Then, alongside myself and those who give generous support already, may we continue your legacy of faithful service, born out of love of Christ, his followers and our beautiful Church." - God Bless, Judy


                                                                                                       Yours in Christ,   

                                                                                                                                        Gwen Shaw and Judy Day





Contact Magazine


At Christmas I contacted the Rector to say that I had now decided that I need a break from the monthly commitment as editor and the April edition will be my last copy.

As editor for 20 years I do thank those who have regularly send pieces for inclusion, but extra items from other people would be very welcome so that the magazine may continue to be interesting and informative.

This year due to the rising cost of materials, we found that there was shortfall. The PCC said that costs would have to rise so now the magazine will cost 70p per copy of £6.00 per year if you would like it delivered.

We are grateful to those people who pay to advertise in it and also for all those regular subscribers.

Inevitably we have lost a few subscribers over the years, people die or move away but I do urge the PCC and the Rector to promote the magazine in church. Having it just sit in a rack in the porch doesn’t encourage people to buy it. If they bought it they might find it of interest and the shortfall might become a thing of the past.

New subscribers are always most welcome, so if you know anyone who would appreciate the magazine, please let Linda Jordan know so she can arrange either a delivery or a copy in the post.

We are most grateful to the many volunteers we have around the village who in all weathers kindly deliver the magazine. I would like to thank them all most warmly. Thanks also go to the small committee, each with their own strengths who have supported me as editor.

                                                                                                                                         Toni Allison – Editor





Hagley and District Christian Aid Committee

This year the Christian Aid group organised the following events:

  • Super Soup Lunch                          
  • Big Brekkie                                      
  • Quiz night                                                                                                    
  • Christian Aid week collection

We were delighted to send over £4,000 to help the work of Christian Aid. Over the last 40 years the committee has been able to send £200,000 to help those less fortunate than ourselves. These activities depend on the co-operation and help of all our volunteers and supporters and for this we are very grateful.


                                                                                              Mollie McPherson, Barbara Albert and Kathy Francis




Church Hall – Year ending 31st Dec 2019

          The Hall has had another active year and continues to be a valuable asset, widely used by the church, by community groups and individual hirers. Bookings have been at a reasonable level.  We are indebted to our housekeeping team of people who keep it functioning on a daily basis, and to our professional cleaners who look after it each week.  We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jane Cartwright who works tirelessly taking bookings, producing Booking calendars and sending out invoices.

          Major repairs and maintenance this year totalled £1,641, whilst last year this item was £8,180.  The major cost in 2019 was the installation of a Defibrillator, however we received many donations from Hall user groups, with especial thanks to Lou Thomas’s Zumba group, who raised £1,180 doing a Zumbathon, almost enough to buy a defibrillator outright. We were also able to loan the PCC £10,000.  Without this loan we were showing a profit in excess of £7,400, but with the loan our accounts show a loss of just over £2,500 for 2019.    

In 2019 we had 518 hall lettings, which is a drop of 58 from 2018 (576).  This netted an income of £14,199, a slight decrease from £14,702 in 2018.  Partially due to some increase in charges for 2019, and some users cancelling their bookings or moving venue.

However, if you ignore the loan to the PCC, we do continue to show a profit, however we do need to do this as every 5 years we have to resurface the floor, or carry out other major maintenance items of work.  So, we cannot stress enough that with costs spiralling, we still need to set aside approximately £2,000 - £2,500 per annum to allow for future large maintenance items, some of which are still on hold awaiting adequate funding, or will eventually be needed e.g. Roof repairs; heater replacements, floor treatment etc.  We must all realise that our hall is now well over 40 years old, and some of the fabric & fittings are coming to the end of their natural lives, also VAT at 20%, and a general price increases continue to raise our running costs.


David Pettit – Treasurer



St. Saviour’s Churchwardens’ report 2019/20

                      The year 2019-20 did not begin at all well for the Parish as Richard was very ill with pneumonia and was hospitalised. He was sorely missed, many of his duties that arose had to be carried out by visiting clergy and others. We were extremely grateful to both David (Blackburn) and Michael (Willows) for helping us out so that planned services could be continued in both churches. The 4 wardens found it somewhat stressful trying to juggle the many complexities. What a relief it was to have our Rector back, at last, to celebrate Easter 2019 with us. The Objects of the Cross on Good Friday was particularly moving.

Following Richard`s return to good health it has become customary to have very regular Churchwardens meetings with Richard. These are useful for us all to discuss the needs of both churches, which have assisted greatly in our `bonding` as a team.

There have been a great number of joyous occasions throughout the year as well as some extremely sad ones. We must celebrate and grieve together and ask for guidance, through prayer, for continued strength in all we do.

Among some of those to celebrate are:

  • An important joyful occasion was Mothering Sunday 2019. It was an honour and a privilege to have Bishop John preaching in Richard`s absence.
  • Colla Voce Choir celebrating Christmas through their wonderful voices, at St. Saviour`s.
  • Ex Cathedra, the regular introduction to our Christmas, was held at St. John`s again. The 2019 date was a `sell-out` and raised some much-needed cash for the Parish finances. A profit overall of £1,839.00
  • Two lovely weddings took place at St. Saviour’s which were very individual, and joyous occasions.
  • The 2019 `Talents` scheme brought many of the congregation together, sharing what we could achieve and raising a considerable amount to bolster our Parish finances (£4,345)
  • Café Church continues, regular prayerful and faith affirming services, that are well attended. They are currently being led by Kathy and Jenni in the absence of Linda Kitto.
  • Messy Church – giving young children & families an opportunity to come together to be involved in interesting activities and learn about the `Good News`. Grateful thanks to Gill Quinlivan for organising and leading this following the sad loss of Jayne Mottershead.
  • Another aspect of church life to be celebrated is the generosity of people, giving freely of their time, to fill some of the vacancies that need to be filled. These are to ensure that both churches respond to the needs of Church protocol and community support. THERE ARE SOME YET TO BE FILLED!
  • It is a delight to be able to report that we have welcomed some new (and younger) families into our congregation.                                              
  • Not all occurrences are to be celebrated. We all grieve the loss of members of our regular congregations, people we have known and loved, namely:
  • Jacqui Smith – the sudden death of our dear friend shocked us all. She was a staunch member of the congregation in both churches, a true Christian who was loved and is missed by all who knew her.
  • Jayne Mottershead whose faith, and dedication to our Church, was inspirational in delivering the message of love through Jesus Christ.
  • Don Nixon whose past service to St. Saviour`s was dedicated and committed, an example to us all.
  • Margery Surridge who served as a sidesman for many years with Gordon, as well as being a member of the Hagley Help Line.

Our love, through and in Jesus Christ, to their families as they grieve.

It is also a sad loss to our Church community that our stalwart CONTACT editor, Toni Allison, has tendered her resignation as from April. A task that she has undertaken unstintingly for 20 years! Much discussion has since ensued to plan a way forward. It is worrying that no-one yet has come forward to fill the vacancy if CONTACT is to continue in its current form. It is a much loved and useful monthly booklet.

The Corona virus is a disruption to all our lives. Let us hope that through our continuing prayers and faith, coupled with the Church and Government advice, we will all come through it together.

On a lighter note, for those of you who have visited St. Saviour`s recently will have seen the beautiful new Font. It is a lovely new addition to our Church (as until now we have been using a copper bowl). This new font has been purchased from part of the generous bequest left to us by the late Thelma Carwardine. It will be dedicated by Richard in due course.

Last, but not least, we will be saying farewell (hopefully only as Church Administrator) to Tony Battersby at the end of March. Tony has been in post for the last 9 years and has been very committed to the work of the Parish. He has often worked far beyond his contracted hours to ensure that tasks are completed and as a community we have been well informed of all things necessary. Our thanks seem very inadequate to acknowledge his dedication to Richard and us all.

Following his resignation, and the stringent interviewing process, we have appointed Sue Priest as Tony`s successor. She has already shown her dedication to the Parish through her work as secretary to the PCC. We wish her every success for the work ahead. God`s blessings to her as she takes on this additional role. 

Thanks to all of you for the devotion you give to supporting the smooth running of St. Saviour`s Church. Richard and the Churchwardens could not be as efficient as we are without your help.

When Richard was absent last year it made us realise how much he does and how quietly supportive he is to us all in so many ways. We must continue to hold him, and Kathy, in our prayers and thank God for his work in our midst.


                                                                   Yours in Faith 

                                                                                                             Barbara Albert and John Gowar   




Hagley Parish Church

St John the Baptist with St Saviour


Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2019


The minutes of the meeting held on Sunday 14th April 2019 at St Saviour’s Church


  1. Opening Prayers: Led by David Blackburn in Richard’s absence. Barbara Albert is Vice–Chairman and it is within her power to delegate the role of Chairman to David for today’s meeting. We wished Richard a speedy recovery.
  2. Attendance/Apologies: 28 present, 17 apologies.
  3. Minutes of APCM held on 15th April 2018: approved and signed by David.
  4. Matters arising from the minutes: Chris Spencer ran through the Safeguarding Policy which the PCC have unanimously accepted.
  5. Church Electoral Roll: As at 31st December 2018 – 228. Of which 146 live in the Parish and 82 outside the Parish. A new ER is currently being collated in accordance with Church of England 6-year review.
  6. Church Council Elections:
    a. Churchwardens: David thanked Judy, Gwen, John and Barbara for their work over the past year. They have all offered to stand for a further year. All 4 were elected unanimously.

b. Parochial Church Council Members: Ambrose, Ann and Nan were thanked for their time and commitment over the past three years. Paul Evans was elected to the PCC.

c. Sidespersons: The current sidespersons at both churches were nominated, seconded and elected en bloc to serve for a further twelve months.

  1. Church Council Secretary’s Report: David thanked Sue for the Secretary’s report.
  2. Finance:
    a. Treasurer’s report: David thanked Iain for his reports, acknowledging the tremendous amount of hard work involved in preparing the accounts. Stewart Purton raised the question about the Parish Share – if the huge increase in our Parish Share (£111k) was due to Hagley being the only Parish in the Deanery who did not participate in the Fairer Shares Survey? Iain responded that the HMRC records are available to work out income levels and that they had been used for this purpose in the past.

b. Acceptance of Accounts: We were unable to formally accept the accounts at the meeting as the independent examination by Baldwins, the auditors, was not yet finished. They will be formally accepted at the next PCC meeting.

c. Appointment of Auditor: Baldwins will continue as auditor – unanimously agreed.

  1. Presentation of Group Reports: David made reference to all involved in the preparation of the reports. A copy of all reports received is attached. Most parishioners had received a copy by email this year.
  2.  Chairman’s Report: David commented that Hagley was a busy and friendly Parish. He welcomed Sue Oliver to the Holy Cross Group. Thanks, given to all those who had helped with ministry in the Parish over the last 12 months, musicians, volunteers and those who maintain the fabric of the churches in such good condition. ‘It is wonderful to see such teamwork’.
  3. Election Results: None were necessary.
  4. Any Other Business:  None.

The meeting closed with The Grace.



Review of the Year 


The full PCC met six times during the year and the committees met between meetings and notes of their deliberations were received by the PCC and discussed where necessary. The PCC and its committees have undertaken risk-assessments, including matters of health and safety, building checks required by law, and monitoring the implications of The Children’s Act, and have adopted the diocese’s policies for Safeguarding. The PCC is aware of its duty to have due regard to House of Bishops' guidance on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. In 2018 the PCC used the “Safeguarding Toolkit” provided in the diocese as a way of self-assessment to seek to ensure it is fulfilling that duty. We have been pleased to continue to have the assistance of retired priests Michael Willows and David Blackburn. Jayne Mottershead, our Authorised Lay Minister, continued to produce and lead services at various times, despite being very unwell. Jayne died in January 2020, and we will miss the huge contribution she made to our church in many different ways. Several other much-loved church members – including Cliff Bateman, Don Nixon, Lesley Scarth, Jackie Smith and Marjorie Surridge – have died during the year, who will also be greatly missed. We are grateful to local Reader Linda Kitto for continuing to lead and take part in worship. We have continued to work on becoming a “Group Ministry” in this part of the Deanery. Group Holy Communion services were held in St Saviour’s in March, in St Leonard’s Clent during May, in St John’s in June, and at St Mark’s Fairfield in September. Sunday Club and Holiday Clubs have continued, and “Messy Church” has attracted good numbers of children with their parents/carers. Social events have continued, including our annual cricket match, “cricket tea” and Songs of Praise with other churches. In May, we held the tenth Hagley Music Festival, with a wonderful variety of musical events taking place in a number of venues. We also had musical offerings from Viva Musica, Ex Cathedra and Colla Voce, and Anna Downes organised a series of “Music for Sanctuary” concerts throughout 2019 which raised several thousands of pounds for charities which help the homeless. Charitable donations have continued to a variety of causes. We held a “2019 Talents Challenge” during the year, to which people responded very generously, raising £4,600 and including a special Harvest Lunch and market stall sale. On a personal note, I am very grateful to Kathy, the Churchwardens, and ministry colleagues who helped out when I was unwell in March and April, when I had to take several weeks off work.

On behalf of the PCC The Revd RJC Newton – Chairman April 2020