Baptisms in the Parish

To qualify for a baptism in the Parish of Hagley you would normally need to be a resident though if you have some previous connection with the parish a baptism can also be considered.

Baptisms are normally held monthly at St John's Church on a Sunday at 2.00 pm and at 3.00 pm and a full list of available dates is shown in the table below. If needed 2 baptisms will be carried out at 2.00 pm and at 3.00 pm with both the 2.00 pm slots being used first. If any of these dates are not convenient, or you would prefer a baptism at St Saviour's, then we can discuss this.

To book a baptism please come to the Parish Office Hour on a Saturday morning between 10.30 am and 11.30 am at St Saviour's Church. Someone from the church will be available to help you with the paperwork.

Please note that we do need the full names of any Godparents - minimum 2 and maximum 4. Godparents MUST have been baptised and we also need to know if they have been  confirmed though this is not essential.  There are no charges for baptisms but donations towards the maintenenace and running of the church are always welcome.


Baby Charlotte McGuiness with parents Jay and Elizabeth and Rector Richard Newton at her recent   baptism              reproduced by kind permission




A prior phone call to the Parish Office on 01562 886363 or email to would be appreciated.

 2018 Available Dates  2.00 pm  3.00 pm
 October 14  1. Booked  1. Booked
   2. Booked  2. Booked
 November 18  1. Booked  1. Booked
   2. Booked  2.
 December 2  1. Booked  1.
   2.  2.
 2019 Available Dates    
 January 20  1. Booked  
 February 17    
 March 17  1. Booked  
 April 7    
 May  No Baptisms in May  
 June 16    
 July 15    
 August 18    
 September 29    
 October 13    
 November 17    
 December  to be confirmed    
 Times of Baptisms  2.00 pm  3.00 pm