Getting Married in St John's or St Saviour's

Every St. John's Churchyear, many couples ask whether it is possible to be married in either St John's or St Saviour's churches.

Happily, it is very often possible, and we are pleased to help with the process of finding a day, making arrangements for the service and preparing for the commitment of Christian marriage.

In which church can my partner and I be married?

Following the introduction of the 'Church of England Measure', there are new regulations for couples who wish to get married.  A couple continues to have the right to be married in the Parish Church of a Parish where one or both are resident or entered on the Electoral Roll.  If you live in the church parish of Hagley, you can therefore be married at either St John's or St Saviour's.

(There is a map of the church Parish boundary in both churches should you be unclear whether you are resident in this Parish or not.)

However, some people (who live outside the Parish) would like to marry in Hagley because it has a special significance.  This measure enables you to be married here, if any of the following apply:

 - one of you was baptised or prepared for confirmation in Hagley; 
- one of you has ever lived in the parish for six months or more; 
- one of you has at any time regularly worshipped in the parish for six months or more; 
- any of your parents have lived in the parish for six months or more in your lifetime; 
- any of your parents have regularly worshipped here for six months or more in your lifetime; 
- your parents or grandparents were married in the parish.

If you live outside the parish, and don't qualify under any of the above criteria, you can still get married in the parish provided you attend services on a regular basis for at least 6 months prior to your wedding date.   (All of these refer to Church of England services)

                            How can I make arrangements?

If you would like more information please email the Parish Office: or call our Parish Administrator on 01562 886363.

Parish Office hours are Monday, Thursday and Friday, 9 am.-1 pm.


Many thanks to the Cartwright family for the photographs