St. Saviour's Churchwarden's Report 2015-16

As still the only churchwarden for St Saviour’s Church I am extremely grateful to everyone who has helped me during the past twelve months and in particular I should like to thank Ambrose for his help on Thursday mornings and the occasional Sunday when I am absent. I am grateful to all those on the unlocking/locking rota enabling the church to be kept open on most days of the year and a particular thanks to Dave Pettit for producing the rota. Thank you to all those who clean the church, act as sides people, staff the Saturday office hour and serve coffee after all the services. Thank you also to Gill Higgins and her helpers for arranging the flowers each week and to all those who have participated in the sponsorship scheme for the flowers at St Saviours thus helping to improve church finances. My thanks go also to Ian McPherson and Evelyn Morrison for their work in producing the Readers and Sides Persons rota. Thank you to Toni Allison and members of the “Contact” Production and Distribution team who produce our church magazine on a regular basis and to Linda Jordan for looking after “Contact” magazine finances as well as its distribution. As the “gardening” season begins thank you to everyone who helps maintain the grounds during the course of the year. Routine and minor maintenance work continues to be needed to maintain our building in good shape.

Many thanks to Lillian Baines for her donation of a Ciborium in memory of David. The Ciborium is used to contain the wafers at all of our Sunday communion services.

I am glad to be able to report that Church Cottage has now been sold and the nett proceeds of £318,000 has been invested in three Church of England ethical accounts. With current yields the income will be considerably more than the rent which we were receiving and we will no longer have the worry of ongoing maintenance.

Messy Church continues to grow with between 20 and 30 children plus adults on each occasion. Thank you to all the helpers.

Malcolm Roberts