St. Saviour's Church Hall

Church Hall – Year ending 31st Dec 2015

The Hall continues to be a valuable asset, widely used by the church, by community groups and individual hirers. This year we have continued to get some new or extended bookings, which have helped to keep bookings at a good level. We are indebted to our housekeeping team of people who keep it functioning on a daily basis, and to our professional cleaners who look after it each week. Also we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jane Cartwright who works tirelessly taking bookings, producing Booking calendars and sending out invoices.

Major expenses this year totalled £5,337 (Kitchen Refurbishment; Window replacement; Fluorescent Light replacements), whilst last year this item was only £1,071. Minor repairs this year totalled £1,072, slightly down from £1,436 in 2014; Despite this increase in major repairs, we still managed to show a reasonable profit. Minor repairs this year included items such as Repairing the water boiler, Dry Cleaning the curtains and carrying our curtain repairs, and other minor electrical repairs including PAT testing.

In 2015 we had 651 hall lettings, up from 605 lettings in 2014. This netted an income of £14,841, this shows an increase of £1,294 on 2014’s income of £13,547; We did increase our charges slightly for 2015, we have had some income from hire for private parties, plus some of our groups expanding their requirement. By the same token, we have also had some of our long standing groups reduce their requirement, due to lack of support or aging membership, so we just need to be aware of this situation, however, we feel confident that our hire rates remain competitive (Hire rates are reviewed on an annual basis and we do compare these with other similar local halls) especially bearing in mind the high standard of our facilities. The figures for the year ending 31/12/2015 showed a profit of £1,082, down from 2014 (£4,4601), but still encouraging, bearing in mind the amount of major repairs that were carried out.

However, although we have maintained profits for three years now, we are conscious that eventually we will have some bigger expenditure in the future; we are not sure when the floor will need treatment again, although this appears to be holding out reasonably well. So, we cannot stress enough that with costs spiralling, we still need to set aside approximately £2,000 - £2,500 per annum to allow for future large maintenance items, some of which are still on hold awaiting adequate funding, or will eventually be needed e.g. Roof repairs; Interior decoration, heater replacements, floor treatment etc. We must all realise that our hall is now well over 40 years old, and some of the fabric & fittings are coming to the end of their natural lives, also VAT at 20% still continues to make our running costs higher.

David Pettit – Treasurer